The simplest way to get feedback from users to the developers!

SmashingBarrier is a widget that you can integrate with your web applications, allowing your users to send feature requests or issue reports into related Team Projects directly.

  • Allow your users to send a request with just one click
  • Break the barrier between your development team and end-users
  • Used mostly to report bugs, give feedback and ask questions
  • The widget supports all websites that support JavaScript.
    E.g. WordPress, Angular, React, ASP.NET, etc
  • A tiny widget that sits unobtrusively in the bottom right (configurable per page)
  • Works great with backlogs in Azure DevOps (coming soon support for Zendesk, Github Issues, and Jira)

By taking advantage of SSW.AgileTemplate, SSW SmashingBarrier will log the web page URL into a customized TFS process template, which enables the end-user to easily track the number of tasks that are related to the web page and allows them to easily create new tasks with a single click.

User Guide

You can download the widget together with the instruction documents which will guide you to create a simple ASP.NET application with SSW.TFSSmashingBarrier. You can also click here to read the User Guide online.

TFS Smashing Barrier can be integrated with SSW Agile Template which includes all customization you need to use this widget, check out Agile Template.


Smashing Barrier was launched in 2012 powered by .NET 4. It underwent changes to support each version of Azure DevOps (was TFS)

In 2024 it was rebuilt in .NET 8 and support for GitHub Issues was added. 

It is lovingly maintained by SSW – Australia’s leading enterprise developers.